About Us

Diakonos DesignsLocated in a spacious retail studio in South Central Wisconsin, inside a 125 year old historic building, Diakonos Designs is an assembly of artists – paid and volunteer – that seek to glorify God with their work.   At the core of this group is the Guzman family and founder Becky Guzman.   Listed below is a brief bio and/or artist statement from our current team members. In addition, we have also been blessed with several dozen volunteers and supporters, past and present, to whom we collectively give thanks for their time and treasure. 

Becky Guzman– Founder, CEO, COO, Director of Design, Potter, Jewelry Designer 

In 1999, after a 20 year career as an Information Technology Executive (the last 13 years at John Deere Credit), I took some time out from paid work to raise my two children.   In 2005, I started making faith inspired jewelry gifts for MOPs caregivers using Jasper and Carnelian to symbolize the “Face of God” as noted in REV 4:3. The inspiration to make jewelry with clay beads came from IS 64:8 (God is the potter, we are the clay…), and the idea to make biblically-based beads & charms that express personal, faith-filled messages began to form.   In 2007, I sold $300 worth of clay beads to a bead shop in Door County, and Diakonos Designs was born (the inspiration for the name came from Precepts Bible studies I was doing at the time).   In 2008, we moved from the kitchen table to a downtown studio, and by 2009 we had a full-time retail operation.   My family joined in along the way.   In 2011, we launched www.shop.diakonosdesigns.com.  Our team has informally adopted John Deere’s motto of “I will never put my name on a product that does not have in it the best that is in me”.   We strive for excellence and quality with each piece of jewelry, and more importantly, we give the glory to God for each design.

Ed Guzman– CFO, CIO, Marketing, New Business Development, Jewelry Designer

In February 2011, after 22 years in bank equipment sales, and with a new desire to serve in ministry, I felt called to join my wife’s business/ministry. Becky & I met working together 25 years earlier at John Deere Credit, and we have complementary skills and interests, with a history of working well together.   I joined to help with accounting, sales, marketing, wholesale growth and firing-up our e-commerce site.  Along the way, I took a jewelry making class, and now find myself making custom jewelry, designing the prototypes we make for direct sales to businesses and ministries.   Thanks to the internet and missionary partners, our jewelry is already being worn on every continent except Antarctica.

Hank Guzman– Metal Smith, Jewelry Designer

Now spending most of the year at Cornell College, Hank is our CPO (Chief Pounding Officer). Already a master at free-hand metal stamping, doming, and texturing, we trust Hank with our most intricate projects. If you purchase a design with stamped metal from Diakonos Designs, it is highly likely that it was made by “Hammerin’ Hank”. 

Alyssa Guzman– Jewelry Designer

Alyssa began making jewelry at age 10. Now, off at college, Alyssa still designs jewelry for friends and relatives.  An accomplished “math-lete”, Alyssa is our most capable team member at high speed checkout for large events.

Kim Robinson - Assistant Manager – Jewelry Designer

Kim works for us nearly full time, and is in charge of our bead store & kits, including inventory and ordering systems. Kim has also designed many successful kits and jewelry items, including the Woven Raku Bracelet.  

Carol Nauman– Potter, Jewelry Designer

Carol has worked side by side with Becky for many years, designing and making clay beads, and clay focal pendants.  Carol has her own line of clay focal pendants and finished jewelry available in our Stoughton Studio. 

Julie Surprenant – Production Specialist - Jewelry Designer

Super Julie has worked for us since 2011 – mainly in production of jewelry.  A specialist in wire wrapping and beading wire jewelry construction, we trust Julie to make all of our most intricate designs.  Julie is also the lead designer of many of our most successful designs, including all of our waterfall necklaces and the Foundation Stones bracelets and necklaces.

Tina Bowser - Jewelry Designer

Tina has been with us since 2013, and is our glued bracelet specialist, and helps out weekends when not working at her full time job at Walgreens.  Tina also has her own line of jewelry on Etsy called “Snowflakes and Waves”.

Gloria Kay-Schoeberl - Jewelry Designer

Gloria and her husband Jim moved to Florida in 2016 to be nearer to family.   Gloria still makes jewelry for Diakonos and periodically sends a batch north to us, including her famous nests and wire wrapped Tree of Life. Gloria is working with the Florida market to develop retail kit sales locations.

Cullen Link – In 2014, we learned that a young man in the Stoughton High School Transition & Job Development Program, Cullen Link had shown an aptitude for stringing beads, so we worked with his teachers in order to have him string most of the 10 Good Deeds bracelets for a large event. Shortly thereafter, we decided to hire Cully, and he works 3 days a week (Mon-Wed) from 930am-11am.  

Volunteers - Our current list of volunteers and "pop up" staff includes Lin, Kathie, Espi, Rachelle,Virginia, Mimi, and Kathy.  Without their contribution, we would not be able to serve you adequately at large and busy events.

Diakonos Designs is dedicated to creating beautiful clay beads and jewelry that make a unique faith statement. Becky Guzman is the founder of Diakonos Designs and each piece of jewelry made at her studio is unique, like people -- no two are exactly alike.  "I love the idea that each of us is like a poem or handmade creation that is especially created by God for His specific purposes on earth."  In the same way, each piece of jewelry is unique and specially created for a specific purpose. 

Diakonos Designs derives its name from the Greek word "diakonos," (pronounced 'dee-ak'-on-os') which means "servant of a king."  It embodies the intention to serve others with beautiful jewelry that can inspire the wearer and create opportunities to talk about their faith. 

We specialize in prophetic jewelry that testifies to the truth of Jesus Christ.  At our shop, you can design your own unique jewelry that boldly declares your faith, and depicts Christ's transformation in you - by using our studio's custom tools and supplies. We offer a wide selection of Christian symbols including crosses, fish, hearts, doves, butterflies, and dozens more.  Check out the Symbolism page on our website for details about the various charms and components that can be a part of your new jewelry!

Our online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse our product catalog.